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Blue Jay Spotted on Main Street, Lewiston

I have a thing about birds. I collect bird figurines from every place we visit. I totally believe certain birds are visits from deceased loved ones. For years I've been visited by cardinals, those red harbingers of the beyond. But a blue jay has been a

rare sight, only an idea that I hope to convince myself I saw passing quickly through the trees. Then we sold our much-loved home of 35 years, and one morning while I was wondering if we made the worst mistake of our lives, a party (yes, that's the correct word for this group) of bluejays arrived in the tree outside my window. Six of them, in all their noisy glory, just hanging out close enough for me to see all their various subtle shades of blue.

Blue jays are supposed to represent all sorts of things, mainly strength, confidence, and communication. This party was just what I needed that day to remind me that change is hard, but we have to stay confident, find our group, and keep the party going.

Later that same day, I decided to stop into Blue Jay Coffee in Lewiston. Main Street in Lewiston, like most main streets in our country, tends to be an amalgamation of our city population. A physician in his scrubs, a banker with her briefcase, and a person experiencing homelessness all share the same sidewalks - and this space at Blue Jay Coffee.

My greatest commendation to Blue Jay Coffee is that the barista treats every person who walks in the door the same: a cheery greeting, an assumption that she can get them something, an invitation to enjoy the artwork on the walls and lively music while she works on the order.

I ordered a latte, which was served in a real mug. Not a promotional Blue Jay Coffee mug, but one of those colorful ceramic homemade-looking mugs that just start your day on the right course. I struggled ordering, as they also offer tea, and I'm a sucker for a good cuppa. But the latte was perfectly foamed, allowing me to sip away while I checked my email on the free wi-fi. The bright windows overlooking Main Street serve to showcase the works of local artisans. This day highlighted hand-designed coffee travel mugs, notecards, and jewelry.

I totally understand why this coffee shop is named for this beautiful bird. Blue Jays have spiritual meanings related to faithfulness, curiosity, and courage. That being said, we all need a blue jay sighting on a regular basis. Keep hoping to run into one in the wild, but in the meantime, get yourself to Blue Jay Coffee on Main Street in Lewiston.

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