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Falling for The Toll Road North

It is shaping up to be a busy fall season for my novel, The Toll Road North. I had the privilege of signing books at the 1st Maine Literary Festival in Portland, and I was overwhelmed by readers who came to get their books signed. I was also beside myself to reconnect with my pre-publication editor, Molly McGrath. My next signing will be at the St. Dom's Holiday Festival on Saturday, November 5, from 9-3.

More recently, I was invited by my dear friend Jill Helmkamp to speak to her book club who read my book. It was a rather surreal experience for me, but I wanted to share one exchange here with you:

One of the central themes of Great Expectations is about affection and loyalty being more important than social advancement. Did you make Great Expectations part of your novel to emphasize this theme?

Yes, and more importantly for me, it was the epigraph: "Ask no questions and you’ll be told no lies." I believe Dee lived her entire life knowing there were more secrets in her parents’ past that affected her, but ignored that feeling so she never specifically asked. Her own shame was definitely in running from Henri, and he does represent Lewiston in general and her childhood which was mostly happy and made her who she was. BUT, she also subconsciously ran from knowing anything else about her parents - that was the interesting part for me because I believe a lot of people do this, and really our parents are crucial in our own self-development.

If you have a book club, check out my new discussion questions or contact me to come for a visit.

Honestly, the biggest event this fall was walking into Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop in Falmouth and seeing The Toll Road North on the shelf. That was my ultimate goal, and I really cannot believe it's happened. Sherman's has purchased the book for all of its store locations, so please visit the one closest to you if you are looking for a copy.

Lastly, The Toll Road North is now available on Amazon - super cool, but I'd prefer you buy it from Sherman's :) You can always review it on Amazon.... AND I am now an official Goodreads author! You can follow me here, and please leave a review on Goodreads.


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