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Putting your book out into the world is intimidating. Having it reviewed is downright terrifying. However, I have been fortunate enough in these recent weeks, to receive not one, but three positive reviews of The Toll Road North.

The first came from another author, which is always a welcome surprise. As an author, I know how much time it takes to read widely and to get your thoughts and reactions into some form of clarity. My author-friend Bob Spencer, took the time to read and review The Toll Road North - you can read his thoughts here. Be sure to check out his titles as well, especially if you enjoy historical fiction set in Maine.

Then I took the leap and offered a review copy of The Toll Road North to Book Maineiac. When I saw on social media that she had posted her review, I had to lock myself in my office to read it without my family knowing what was going on. I was thrilled that the review was positive! If you haven't seen it yet, read it here. I highly recommend following Book Maineiac on social, as she posts lots of interesting reviews and titles of Maine-based books.

My most recent review was received in an email from an old friend who also grew up in Lewiston. "It really brought me back to growing up in Lewiston during a time that life was more simple, with a rich story of friendship and family secrets...can you please send me a signed copy for my Mom, who misses living in Lewiston?" I have to admit, receiving these personal reviews from readers is still the best. I'm always happy to hear that a reader enjoys the book, but having someone who grew up in Lewiston tell me they enjoyed it is the ultimate compliment.

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