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You're Invited to Réveillon with Lucille

A new short story, with characters from The Toll Road North, is now available. This Christmas story finds Lucille and baby Jean-Luc waiting expectantly for Frank and participating in a traditional French-Canadian celebration on Christmas Eve.

This "Buy a Gift, Get a Gift" promotion works this way:

  1. Purchase a copy of The Toll Road North between 11/01/23 and 12/31/23.

  2. If you are at an event with Peggy, provide your email address. If you purchase online or at a bookstore, email Peggy a copy of your receipt (

  3. Réveillon will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Readers will find Lucille, Frank, and Blackie as high-school seniors, and get to meet Lucille's mother and grandfather, as well as Jean-Luc as a baby. The story is grounded in our French-Canadian tradition of Réveillon: Messe de Minuit, the extended family gathering for traditional foods and music, and staying up all night in anticipation of Christmas day.

Knowing these characters as you do, I'm sure you don't expect a light Hallmark-movie read :) The story will, I hope, give you insight into Lucille's motivations as an adult, as well as showcase some of your own family's Réveillon memories.

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