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Another Reason to Love Maine Authors

Since my very first foray into the Maine writing community (picture me sitting nervously in the back of the room at a writing workshop), I have been overwhelmed at how welcoming and encouraging Maine authors are to each other. And now, this.

Maine Authors for Lewiston has quite literally restored my faith in humanity. It was organized by David Florig, the author of The Stones of Ailsa Craig, a novel that I can't wait to read this winter. This weekend will wrap up a series of ten events in locations throughout Maine bringing together Maine authors selling their hard work and giving the proceeds to the victims and families of the October 25th mass shooting in Lewiston. To date, the effort has raised nearly $5000.

The final event will be held at the Lewiston Public Library on Saturday, December 16, from 9:30 -12:30 and will feature two dozen Maine authors with a variety of styles of books. There is something for everyone - most especially, great warmth and discussion, as there is nothing an author enjoys more than talking to you about his or her work.

As an added benefit, downtown Lewiston is hosting Sparkle Saturday all day. That means you will find specials at the local restaurants and stores, as well as many retail pop-ups.

I hope to see you in Lewiston this Saturday - come feel the warmth of true community support.

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