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Holiday Gift Guide for People Who Think I'm Hard to Buy For

I recently had the extreme pleasure of spending part of a day with the fabulous crew at Sherman's Maine Coast Bookstore in Falmouth: Matt, Chris, and Olivia are just the welcoming, fun kind of people you want working in your favorite bookstore. While I was there, it struck me how my husband, who claims never knows what to buy me, could walk in and pick up virtually any item in this store and I'd be delighted. I decided to put together this very unprofessional gift guide (semi-bad photos, no specifics on price or brand), just to prove my point....and maybe to encourage blog readers to visit Sherman's this holiday shopping season.

Spoiler alert: There are no books on this list. The list of books I want would never end, so I limited my choices to "ooh, look at that" kind of items. And I did this by walking around a very small section of Sherman's. Really, people, if you have not been to a Sherman's for holiday shopping, you are missing out!

#1: I hate doing dishes, but I love these kitchen cloths and towels. The puffin especially inspires me to clean.

#2: I've never met a gnome that I don't like. And the fact that this one is hanging out with a bird wearing a winter hat, well, there's definitely a children's story here.

#3: Earrings that dangle. It's like a wind chime you carry on your ear.

#4: Beautiful soaps. True confession: I have never bought this kind of soap for myself as it seems too elegant. I believe that is the true definition of a gift.

#5: Sherman's has their own private label candles, tied to works of literature. How did I not know these existed?

#6: This canvas book bag with a quote from one of my favorite books is one of several on the rack. I probably own at least a dozen already, and no, you can never have enough.

#7: Honey Bee note cards. There is nothing more personal than sending a handwritten note.

#8: RBG socks. Like a piece of hidden armor to face the challenges in our world.

#9: Bird feeder that looks like a screen but is actually just one of those stick to the outside of your window and watch the fun things. I want birds looking in my windows, don't you?

#10: Metal wind chime. Sorry for the horrible photo, but I feel every home in Maine should have one of these (and I don't).

#11: The Essential Poetry Collection. On sale. Okay, so I technically lied, there aren't any single books on this list, but I can't resist a collection.

#12: Crystalline Healing Bracelet - not only is it pretty, the crystals have healing properties. We all could use a pretty little healer on our wrist.

#13: This quote by Thoreau is one of my favorites, so I'm not sure why this isn't on my wall.

#14: Coasters, coasters and more coasters - including these with dragonflies.

#15: One puzzle was hard to choose, as Sherman's has a wide selection, as well as puzzle scoops, storage, glue. 2023 will definitely see my return to this childhood obsession.

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