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Why I Recommend Goodreads

I'm one of those people who cannot walk past a bookstore, and once lured inside, cannot leave without an armful of books. Same goes for libraries. Book tables at vintage fairs. Boxes of books at garage sales. You get the idea. If you have even an inkling of this trait yourself, you really should join Goodreads.

I'd love to give you a tour of how to use Goodreads, but I'll be's a lot. And if you use it on multiple devices, you'll see the mobile and desktop versions are a bit different to move around in. Doesn't matter. Take your time, get to know it. Goodreads is "social media for book lovers".... and for me, it's the best way I've found to organize my reading life. The short story here is that you can track all the books you read AND want to read.

Here are the top three ways I use it:

  1. Before I make a purchase, or check a book out of a library, I open my Goodreads app and see if I have the book on my list already. This is particularly helpful as I've been known to be so excited about a book when I see it that I forget that I've already read it. This also helps me limit what I purchase - if I simply can't decide which books I really need to purchase, I use my Want-To-Read list as my guide.

  2. When I see or hear about a title that interests me (so, like at least once a day), I open my Goodreads app and add it to my Want-To-Read list. If I'm in a bookstore, I can open the app, click on the camera, and scan either the cover or isbn bar to see reviews, a summary, and instantly add it to my Want-To-Read list.

  3. Write reviews. I am a writer, after all. If that's not your thing, you can simply rate the book with a basic 5-star click. Once you get in this habit, you will start to see LOTS of "recommended for you" titles.

And, speaking of reviews, would you please leave one for The Toll Road North? If I haven't convinced you to join Goodreads, you can also leave reviews on Amazon. On Amazon, once on the book's page, scroll down and keep your eyes on the left margin until you see customer reviews. There's a button there to click to leave your own review.

Thank you for reading The Toll Road North, and I look forward to reading your reviews!

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