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Writer's Platform, aka The Supreme Black Hole

Today I decided to update my website. It's okay. You can laugh out loud. I can take it.

I have been working on minor changes for hours - seriously, my dog has napped, eaten, gone out to relieve herself, played, and is napping again. All the while, I have been struggling with my website. Now, this is no fault of WIX - in fact, I managed to find the live chat and had the help of one Jose who patiently tried to show me all the errors I had made. Apparently I had a strip within a strip. Of course. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Do I know how to fix it? Absolutely not.

I mean, it looks okay now, but I have no deeper understanding of how to do any of it. And now, the stellar Jose thinks I am so on my game that he is sending me messages like this:

Of course, and when you are done editing the site, be sure to upgrade the SEO Wiz. My favorite part of this message is the "of course."

He follows this up by sending me a hyper-speed series of screen shots on how to do something else I asked about. I thanked him profusely and ended the chat immediately. Now WIX wants me to take a survey. I cannot talk about this anymore, so that's a no.

After spending a good 15 minutes in a mindfulness activity (my personal favorite exercise: laying my head on my desk and thinking about what snack I could get), I decided to log out and then log back in. Because that's often where the magic happens, in that weird space between quitting and starting again.

It didn't work.

However, I (maybe Jose, who knows?) did manage to make some minor changes to the site. Cool. And I have to admit, the experience inspired me to write a new blog post, so there's that. Also, Cami has had an extremely relaxing morning under the desk.

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