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Taking The Toll Road North...West

For readers who follow me on social media, you know The Toll Road North likes to travel on Tuesdays. We've had sightings as locally as Lewiston, Maine, all the way to the Caribbean and Europe. Please keep your eyes open for The Toll Road North and snap a photo if you see it!

It's my turn to take my novel on the road, and we are heading west! My husband, Mitch, will be chauffeuring me and our dog, Cami, across country. We'll be staying for a couple of months to welcome our first grandchild.

So, for the next several weeks, this blog will feature our stops along the way, as well as our adventures in Southern California. I hope you will enjoy the ride :)

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Can’t wait to read about your adventures.


Maryann Davino
Maryann Davino
Aug 25, 2023

Safe travels Peggy and Mitch!❤️

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