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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Nine

Today we drove from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Scottsdale, Arizona. We made a stop at the Petrified Forest National Park, where I got to run in a dog park for a bit. Mom made us check out Route 66 in Holbrook, and then we drove on the Pony Express Trail through Navajo Nation and the Tonto National Forest. Uncle John, Mom says she thought of you.

We went from elevations of 5-7,000 feet as we traveled this trail, finally ending at an altitude of 2,165 feet, and I think we are all suffering from altitude sickness. How do I know? Even I don't feel like eating and all I want to do is sleep - so I guess it's good that Mom and Dad checked us in to the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and Villas. There's a really big couch that is just right for a wiped out Portuguese Water Dog.

Did I mention that it was 108 degrees in Scottsdale - and that was late this afternoon? You know it's hot when even Dad says it's too hot to eat!

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