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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Four

Finally, we had a day NOT in the car. As you can see from the photo, I am absolutely exhausted. I'm not sure where Dad is sleeping tonight, but this spot is just right for me.

Mom had no idea what she was doing when she booked our stay in Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Turns out she's a lucky dog - it's probably the most beautiful city area we have ever seen. (Thus, the numerous photos below.) Started our morning with a stroll along Brush Creek, then meandered back up the hill to our hotel, checking out all the restaurants and shops. Think Newbury Street in Boston meets 5th Avenue in New York, then they travel to Spain and have a baby. That's Country Club Plaza - its real history dates to the early 1900s and you can read about it here.

And then, Mom and Dad told me to get in the car. They PROMISED no car today, but said they had a special surprise for me. We went to Bar K. I have no words. It's a bar, for humans AND dogs, and there's tons and tons of space to run off leash with lots of Kansas City dogs. I was a bit shy, but I did prove to Mom and Dad that my good citizen training worked - unlike some of those mouth breathers who kept drooling all over us. Anyway, I joined Mom and Dad at the bar. Check out the dog-specific menu pictured below. I had the beef stew, and I have to say, "my compliments to the chef." Many thanks to Chelsea and Neal who recommended it to us.

Dad's favorite meal was from Jack Stack Barbecue. He and Mom shared burnt ends, baby back ribs, cheesy corn bake, and colossal onion rings. Needless to say, they are not moving very fast right now.

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Cami it's hot there. Hope Mom and Dad are keeping you hydrated

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