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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Seven

Ahh, the joy of a third day in one place! I'm feeling right at home here in Colorado Springs. I've made friends with a couple of wascally wabbits that hang out on my grassy lawn outside the hotel. And today, Mom and Dad took me on more adventures.

We started at Bear Creek Dog Park. This is no dirt patch hemmed in by a fence. This is 25 acres of off-leash joy: trails, hills, rocks, a creek, and lots and lots of dogs. And humans.

Then Mom really wanted to go to Manitou Springs. Dad and I were skeptical, especially since everyone from all around wanted to be in Manitou Springs yesterday so we had to drive around forEVER to find a place to park. Anyway, we went to a super-cool art festival, then spent the afternoon in this town known for its healing waters. It was founded in 1872 as a resort town, after the settlers discovered the healing benefits of the water, long relied upon by the Ute Nation. We had lunch at Manitou Brewing Company, where I met lots of other visiting dogs on the patio.

We ended the day at a restaurant near our hotel called The Wobbly Olive. Mom and Dad say we had to go based on the name alone. Tomorrow we are back in the car and heading southwest - I'll be on the lookout for cowboys.

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