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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Six

Cami here, checking in from Colorado Springs. Today we spent the morning in Garden of the Gods - the name alone makes it an obvious choice for a place to take me for a walk. Ancient rock formations that are sacred to the Ute Nation, and gifted to the nation to remain a free park forever. Be sure to check out Mom's Instagram and Facebook to see all these photos.

Then we headed into downtown Colorado Springs and found The Perk, a local coffee shop. Mom and Dad each had what they called perfect lattes, and I will say my Pup Cup was excellent. We walked around downtown and loved how the main street is surrounded by views of the mountains.

For the afternoon, we discovered another dog-centered bar. I could definitely get used to this! Pub Dog was a great place to spend a few hours. They have both air-conditioned indoor space and shady outdoor space where I could be off-leash, local beers, a full bar, and lots of food choices. We sat outside and met a lot of really nice locals: a Corgi named Pumpkin who liked to steal balls from the big dogs, a Bichon/Shitzu named Charlie who insisted on lying flat across the pile of ice meant for our refreshment, and several large dogs who didn't have the attention span to introduce themselves.

There was even a rainbow today - we love it here!

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