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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Three

Last night, we all slept much better. After saying goodbye to our friends (the ones who give out the dog biscuits in the hotel) in Indianapolis, Mom announced that we would be stopping in St. Louis to officially go west through the Arch. I'm quite certain she's losing her mind spending all this time in the car.

Anyway, I got a slim three+ hour nap in before Dad started making all kinds of crazy turns to get us into St. Louis. And there it was. The biggest Arch I've ever seen. And even better, it sits on a long stretch of grassy park where I could walk and check all my pee-mail. Mom was completely aggravating, trying to get me to pose. I turned the camera on her and Dad and I think I got the best photo of the day.

Several hours later, we arrived in Kansas City, Missouri. Tonight will be our first stay in a city hotel. They have the smallest patch of grass for dogs to relieve themselves that I've ever seen - but it works. Overall, I guess I've learned that Mom knows best (don't tell her I said so).

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Love love this. Looking forward to following Can I'd journey

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