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Taking The Toll Road North...West, Day Two

Dear readers,

We had a rough night in Lancaster. Our room was in a busy hallway, and Mom and Dad insisted on going to sleep, leaving me to guard the room. You cannot imagine how many times I had to bark and jump on one of them to warn them of possible intruders. Needless to say, today I was exhausted.

Today was a loooooong day in the car. Mom found a place called Wheeling, West Virginia to stop. It was like someone abandoned the town in the late 1960s - all the storefronts have the original neon signs and big windows. Check out the funny little parking pay station that doubles as a fast food place. The downtown has construction everywhere - looks like it will be all snazzy if we ever return. This town has a cool history, kind of like Lewiston-Auburn, and we even found a riverwalk along the Ohio River.

I was starting to feel like my usual sprite self again, when Mom and Dad forced me back into the car. We blew through Ohio, and as you can see in the photo, I had no interest in any of the treats Mom offered me. I refused to even make eye contact when she offered me water.

Luckily, we arrived in Indianapolis, IN, and the hotel staff greeted me with a full jar of dog biscuits. As soon as I got into our room, I played with my toys. Mom says I must be feeling more like myself. I say we'll see how tonight goes.

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